3 Pairs Ladies Nylon Ankle High Pop Socks

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LIVIA Ankle High Pop Socks

When looking for pop socks, you have comfort, quality, and durability in mind. These LIVIA Ankle High pop socks offer you all three of these desired attributes.

With their reinforced toe and ladder resistant material, they have the durability that you need. Pop socks need to be comfortable for all-day use, no matter what activity. That’s why our LIVIA pop socks have a comfort band around the top of the socks, so that they do not dig in, but remain tight on the foot for the classic pop sock look. These socks are perfect for everyday use, as they are made of a thin 15 denier nylon, which makes them light and breathable; perfect for wearing during your work day.

As well as all of this, you know that you are getting the quality you need in these socks, as all our LIVIA pop socks are made in the UK. This is the ankle-high version of our LIVIA pop socks, but they are also available in both Knee High and Invisible Liner socks as well in our store, making LIVIA pop socks fit for any occasion or shoe.

LIVIA pop socks are available in 2 colours; black and natural / skin. They are made to fit a 4-7 UK shoe size and come in a pack of 3 pairs. They are made of 100% Nylon.

Extra Product Details

- 3 pairs
- 4-7 UK
- Sheer 15 Denier
- Pop Socks
- Black or Natural
- Ankle High
- Durable / Reinforced Toe
- Breathable
- 100% Nylon