3 Pairs Mens Anti Blister Ankle Cycling Socks

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High Performance Ankle Cycling Socks

If you are an avid cycler and are looking for a reliable pair of functional cycling socks to keep your feet comfortable and temperature regulated whilst you are cycling, then consider these men’s cycling socks.

These men’s cycling socks have many features that will help maintain your performance. Firstly, they are moisture wicking which helps keep your feet dry, breathable and temperature regulated keeping them cooler in the summer. The mesh panels knitted in the sock facilitate this. Their short length also allows for more flexibility and breathability.

The sock is also layered with cushioned fabric to prevent blisters and keep your feet generally comfortable. The cushioned areas protect the heel, toe, and guard against Achilles tendon damage. These socks are also hard wearing with a high polyester content to make them durable.

These men’s cycling socks are available in a 3-pair pack and come in a size 6-11 UK 39-45 EU 7-12 US. They are made from 45% polyester 35% acrylic 18% polyamide and 2% elastane. They are also safely machine washable.

Extra Product Details

* Cycling socks
* 3 pair pack
* Size 6-11 UK 39-45 EU 7-12 US
* Moisture Wicking
* Breathable
* Temperature Regulated
* Cushioned
* Machine Washable