Ladies Alpaca Wool Blend Slipper Socks

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Ladies Turnover Alpaca Wool Socks

These alpaca wool bed socks with a star patterned gripper sole have been crafted with both warmth and comfort in mind. Made from a blend of alpaca wool, a fibre with natural thermal qualities, they are ideal to be used as both night or lounge wear. The sock is knitted with a close knit pattern on the outside, while the inside of the sock is brushed to create a beautiful soft feel which helps to add to the warmth of the sock.

These socks have a star patterned gripper sole, helping to keep you secure on slippery household flooring, such as wooden panels or laminate. These socks have a turnover top, which adds to the comfort securing the socks in place, while also adding some style to the socks in the classic fluffy bed sock fashion.

This sock is available in a size 4-8 uk - available in cream with the choice of beige, salmon or purple heels and toes this sock is an ideal addition to any woman's wardrobe. They are made of 60% Acrylic, 20% Wool, 10% Alpaca, 8% Polyamide, 2% Elastane and are machine washable.

Extra Product Details

- 4-8 uk
- 3 colours
- Bed Socks
- Non Slip
- Coloured heel and toe
- Brushed for warmth
- Turnover top
- Thermal
- Machine Washable