Ladies Christmas Beanie Hat with Rudolf Pom Pom

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Red Beanie Hat with Rudolf Pom Pom

When the festive season is upon us we want to show off how much we really love christmas at any given moment. Don’t let the cold weather stop you doing that, buy one of these cute rudolph themed novelty pom pom hats and show your love for Christmas whilst keeping wrapped up.

This christmas themed hat is knitted so that it can hold the warm air close to your head, keeping you warm and cosy. The rudolph fur bobble is the main feature of this hat and will bring a smile to people’s faces when they see you wearing this. This as a gift would be fantastic for secret santa or even a stocking filler for family and friends. Red is the only colour that is available in this hat. The hat is safely machine washable.

✔ Beanie Hat
✔ Novelty Bobble Hat
✔ Rudolph Design
✔ Knitted
✔ Warm & Cosy
✔ Secret Santa Gift Idea
✔ Available in Red
✔ Adult Size