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Bring Me “______” Socks by Talkie Socks

Are you looking to make an impression with your new found sock swag? If you are then look to the refreshing new brand that is Talkie Socks with their vast new collection. This range of bring me a beer & vodka socks (not mixed) are an ideal gift for anyone who is looking for a small for a friend or family member. Or, you might simply want to tell others that you are desperate to have your favourite drink delivered to you.

The Talkie Socks logo is printed on the foot of the sock. These soft cotton crew socks have knitted designs of messages you may want people to notice on your feet. Pick between demanding a beer or vodka courtesy of Talkie socks. One sock has ‘TALKIE SAYS’ on it whilst other has the demand ‘BRING ME BEER’ or ‘BRING ME VODKA’ on it. The main body of the sock is white but there are also blue & yellow finishes on each of the socks as well. As a gift, these socks are a brilliant secret santa or stocking filler idea.

They are also made out of breathable cotton and are cotton rich with a content of 70% cotton 28% nylon and 2% elastane. Unlike some other design socks, Talkie Socks also focuses on comfort. They also have a handlinked toe to decrease the irritability of the toe seam, not only making your feet stylish but also happy.

These socks are available in a size 6/11 UK 39/45 EU 7/12 US and they are available to purchase in a one pair pack. They are also safely machine washable.

Extra Product Details

- Talkie Socks
- Bring Me “_____” Socks
- Mainly White Socks
- 70% Cotton 28% Nylon and 2% Elastane
- Handlinked toe
- 6/11 UK 39/45 EU 7/12 US
- One Pair Pack
- Machine Washable